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It gives me enormous grief and sorrow to announce the sudden death of my father. He went on his journey to heaven on March 9 in morning 5 a.m.
He was recuperating at home and a week before he caught cough and cold. Medicines were given but he was not responding the treatment. We were helpless.....
He was a great fighter, leader, zealous  and more qualities...He always kept himself busy with one or the other thing .
My Mom, brothers , sister and me are totally broken . No one can feel the gap of  papa....
No more strength to write more .....
We lost our PAPA while battling the war with life. 
Wahegurji give peace to the divine soul.

Stitching collar neckline

Dear Friends....

First of all my heart felt apologies for not posting ( such a long time) to all readers,sewists,subscribers of MTC ( My Thread Creations ). But you all aware about the reason for delay.Thanks for you support.
But the show must go on.......
So, let's start with our lessons. Today's post is about collar dress / mandarin collar. It was in the pipeline for quite long but had time crunch to write. Also I am busy with the science projects of my son, so more or less I am with him. In this post there are no snaps of  sewing  or cutting, will post when I'll sew .


Front :

The front will be drawn as usual. Cut the neckline b-c-d as shown till the red line.
a-b = scale/6
a-c =  5"
c-d = 1" or according to the need.


The back will have 1" more from shoulder side you can see the red lined part of the diagram.
1-2 and 3-4 = 1"
2-b = 1/2" (half inch)
2-a = scale/6
Cut the neckline of back.

Collar drafting and sewing:

1-2 is  folded side.
1-2  and 3-4 = 1" this can be more also, as required
1-5 =2"
2-4 = half of neck round.(I prefer neck round of 14" or as per your requirement. )
Make a curve as shown and cut along the line 2-1-5-4

collar cutting
Collar Draft

Draw the collar draft. Cut the collar on fusing canvas. Iron the canvas collar on fabric and leave seam allowance of half inches on all four sides of fabric and cut it.Cut one more piece of fabric same way. Now you have with you 2 pieces of fabric one ironed with collar and another without collar i.e single fabric. Keep right side of both the fabric together , pin it up. Sew along the sides of canvas collar  i.e 1-5-3-4 but don't sew on the collar.Don't sew on sides 2-4 as this part will attached to the collar. Turn the collar inside out and iron once again. Keep aside.

Sewing and attaching the collar :
Make neckline of front part i.e b-c-d. You can see that c-d is opened cut. Sew this cut with clean finishing. Attach a rectangle strip of fabric from c-d on any one side of it. This strip will be used for fixing the tich button or hooks.
Now sew both the shoulder parts together  i.e front and back. First we'll check the collar, so pin  from the single one fabric side of 2-4 part of collar on kurta and see if it fits properly. In case if your collar fabric is more don't worry ( outside in the collar and sew once again from the part where the collar fabric was more ) but if it is less you will have re-draft your collar , and cut as per required neck round. Sew the collar to the kurta, now after attaching from one side of collar you will see that one side of  collar fabric remains unstitched  fold it on the kurta side and sew it. So now your collar is attached to the kurta.
Attach the sleeves and finish your kurta .
Your collar neck kurta is ready.

Happy Blogging!!

Gurmeet :)

Puff sleeves cutting

Dear Friends....

Hello, to all my dear and near ones. You might be thinking past many days why there are no tutorials ? Have I vanished in the air ??? Nope!!
The last three months of 2013 were really the worst chapters of our life. My father suffered from brain hemorrhage and he was hospitalized for three months, the life was totally up side down and I was shuttling between two cities, so I couldn't  post.
Now by the grace of God he is recuperating at home.

Today we will learn cutting of puff sleeves. This type of sleeves are of short length. Pleats are taken to create puff.

1) Take the paper draft of your sleeves.
2) Fold the fabric and keep the draft as shown in the pic.

3) The area a-b-c-d is the puff area, the pleats will be taken in this part, b-c is the fold of the fabric and a-b is 5". You can extend this part as needed, for more puff.
4) Cut the sleeves,and take pleats first and pin them up.
5) Now you can attach sleeves to your dress.

I will try to add some snaps of this sleeves in near future.

Happy Blogging!!

Gurmeet :)

Kurti stitched by my readers.

Dear Friends.....

Today I have something special to share with you all, it's close to my heart. I started this blog to help gals interested in sewing and initially my blog was having very less audience and I used to feel very low because of it but I knew it will grow slowly as one should have a tons of patience to make your venture successful...Whenever I post I just think that who will be the first to ask the query, will people sew their dresses with the help of my tutorial etc... Ohh!!! let's come to my topic or else I will wander on any other road.
Many of you might have stitched your kurta,salwar etc.. according to my tutorial but very few of them share with me their dresses. The following kurtas are stitched by those few sewists with the help of my tutorial. The images are arranged in the order by which they were uploaded.

1) This kurta is stitched by Deepa Vinod. She was the first to upload it and she was really feeling very happy by the fitting she got from the dress.

 Her comment

 Dear Gurmeet, I had tried early but every time &;it got  flopped. It came very well. thank you .it was far better than my tailor did.

2) This apple cut kurti is stitched by Anu Mol. It was her first kurti stitched with the help of my tutorial


.Her comment

Hi dear Gurmeet, this is the salwar kameez I stitched. In this I adopt your neckline and apple cut. This was my trial of neckline and all. So some finishing problems are there.
Next time I try to upload good one .

3) This collar neck kurti is stitched by FabDabGrab. It also came out very well.

 Her comment
 Dear Gurmeet

As said, I'm uploading the successful sewed kurta with high neck and perfect fitting sleeves. (Its might not have a 100% finished outlook but still managed to reach this much)... well, the credit goes
to you for giving clear instructions.


4) This kurta with lining is stitched by FabDabGrab.

Her comment
Hello Gurmeet
This one is with lining as instructed by you. Thanks again!!! You Rock!


5) This anarkali is stitched by Neesu Sharma and it is also very neatly stitched.

 She told me to comment as she was not able to post the comment due to some technical glitches. But the image is saying the comment isn't it ?

All the comments are by the one who stitched the kurti. Hope I will receive more images of kurti in near future...

Till then
Happy Blogging!!

Gurmeet :)

How to stitch dress with lining

Dear Sewing Friends....

Whenever we buy any expensive dress material we get lining material with it. Now the next step will be on the door of tailor for stitching it. Hold on !!! now no need to head towards tailor shop for stitching. Today we will learn to stitch dress with lining.
Well, I stitch almost all my dresses with lining especially the synthetic fabric. The benefit is that the dress becomes more comfortable for me and it can be worn in any season.
Many of my sewing bloggers requested to post about the lining dress so here we go.....
In Hindi lining is a.k.a ASTAR.
For simple kurta the lining required is 2 metres.
1) Cut the front and back from the fabric.
2) Now fold the ASTAR such that both selvedges lie on each other.

lining dress stitching

3) Keep front of fabric on lining and trace the outline of kurta.
4) Now if the length of your kurta is 38" including the seam allowance, keep the length of the lining 36" including seam allowance.  Hope you remember that in my tutorials I have taken seam allowance of 2".
5) Cut the traced outline from lining.
6) Follow same method for back.
7) First of all  fold and stitch  the bottom of lining fabric of both, the front and back.
8) Keep the wrong side of kurta on wrong side of lining follow this for front and back. Pin it up or you can also use fabric glue.

astar dress

9) Keep the stitch length of your sewing machine on highest and first stitch in the middle line of kurta. By this the kurta is secured with the lining. Then stich along the outline of kurta. I have marked the outline in white.

10) Cut the desired neckline. First stitch along the outline of neckline,and then make the neckline.

11) Stitch the sleeves and continue as usual and finish stitching your dress.

So hence-forth stitching a dress with astar is not an herculean task for you :)

Happy Blogging....

Gurmeet :)

How to stitch apple cut kurti / kurta

Dear Readers....

Today we will learn how to stitch Apple cut kameez/top.This type of top goes well with salwar as well as churidar. Apple cut kurti has round shape from bottom end.

The snap of Apple cut top.

apple cut kurti stitching

Construction of draft will be same that of simple kurti but with one change. You can see the curved red line in the bottom this curve makes it apple cut .
The draft.

apple cut top

9-a =1 cm
b is the midpoint of 9-c.
d is the midpoint of 2-c.
Make a curve from a-b-c-d.

First finish the necklines, attach the sleeves, join the sides till point 9. Now we will learn how to stitch the rounded curve.For this you will need bias strip. Measure the whole curve add 2" to it and cut the bias strip of the measurement you got.The width of the bias strip will be 1.5". We will need bias strip for front as well as back.
Now fold  about 1 cm of one side of strip.Keep the unfolded side of strip on point c of kameez. Make sure you keep right side of strip on right side of kameez and start stitching the strip with kameez. The strip should be on top of kameez. Don't stretch the strip while stitching let it go on its own.Now fold this strip towards inside and stitch it.

Note:Kindly check your kurta for fitting before attaching the bias strip to it. As after stitching the bias strip fitting cannot be altered.

Hey!!!! your apple cut kameez is ready.

Happy Blogging!!

Gurmeet :)

How to stitch kurti/kameez neckline

Dear Friends.....,
Today we will learn one more neckline tutorial.
This neckline will be stitched in two parts. First the neckline in kameez will be stitched and secondly yoke will be stitched.


neckline tutorial>

Keep ready the front draft of top. The front neck measurement will be as 1-12 =  4" and  1-13 =12". Details refer simple kurti tutorial.  Draw the following shape on kurta and cut the shape. Don't throw the cut out of the shape we will use it  as outline of yoke. Stich the neckline as usual.

The ready yoke.

neckline tutorial

Draw the following shape on another fabric here  you can use the cut out of first part as yoke outline and cut the inside V shape as we cut our normal neckline. The measurement given below includes seam allowance.
A-B = 3"
A-C = 13"
B-E = 6"

Stick the fabric on canvas and stitch. The following snap will make it easy to understand.Attach the yoke inside the kurta neckline.The snap for reference.

neckline tutorial

I have also stitched bias strip and piping on yoke which is optional. You can also do embroidery on yoke part  or anything more creative.
The ready kurta.....

neckline tutorial

Happy Blogging!!

Gurmeet :)

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