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Beaded Anklet

Yesterday I was arranging my sewing utilities, there were many things like lace, beads, decorative stones, mirrors...  which were lying past many months.  All these things are in demand during the festivals esp. during NAVRATRI as girls  wear colorful chaniya choli ( traditional dress worn by females to play garba)  different types of necklace, ear-rings, bangles. Some of my clients bring simple chaniya choli and ask me to embelish it with  these colorful stuff and I really enjoy this activity as it reminds me of my craft sessions of  school days, also I don't have the limitations of using the beads etc....

After arranging all the utilities I was left with some multi-colored beads, while I was keeping them, in a small box I sensed like " they smiled at me and were telling me to play with my creativity "...and I thought to use it on my plain  khadi top and brain storming of design started. I opened my drawing book and thought of some geometric designs, flowers, but nothing appeased my eyes  ....something flashed in the naughty mind  ;-)  I closed the book, kept kurti back in the wardrobe.

I took the needle and threaded it with four strands of normal thread and the P T class started, P T class !!!! ??? How  ??  I'll tell you. I arranged all the beads in rows and groups of four. I mean each color had 4 - 5 beads. All the beads in attention position and I started arranging them in my thread, what am I going to make ??  It's an ANKLET yes!! a beaded anklet.

First measure your ankle round and add 2" - 3". This will be the length of your 4 strand thread. Thread it in the needle,  make sure your needle point passes easily through the beads.  Don't forget to make a knot on the end point of thread before passing the beads. Pass all the beads in the thread. After finishing tie knot of both the ends. While wearing it slowly glide it over the ankle as it's a thread not elastic. See it's not necessary you follow my design you can make your own colorful designs.
Waiting eagerly to see your creations....

beaded anklet tutorial

Here we go...

Happy Blogging!!

Gurmeet :)

My random thoughts.....

Hello !! my dear FRIENDS....

Hubby dear  has gone on his official trip . Now,  when he is not in the city I found that period a little bit free. It's not like he imposes more work on me but the timing are more flexible for me. Usually I wake up in the morning by  4 - 4:30. First I read my NITNEM paath ( religious prayers of SIKHS)  and then proceed towards kitchen to prepare breakfast , then some yogasana, physio-exercise... , preparing lunch and the sequence starts. But this process is altered when hubby is not in the city.. :)   But many things come in the new routine like chatting with friends, watching videos, listening songs,ghazals... and one of the most boring work....organizing  my sewing utilities and my sewing machine cabinet. Well, I take 2-3 days to make it properly organized and give it a  professional look.

You must be thinking why am I writing my routine today instead of any sewing tutorial !! But today I won't teach any thing to you. Today I just wanna chat with you all. I was thinking from many days to post something different and thought this will be the best. The rhythm of the post will not be the same, I'll be writing whatever comes in my mind. Hope you will be with me throughout....

Did, I ever tell you that I'm learning to play dholaki by watching You tube videos ? Hmmm... I'm learning dholaki. I sing many shabads in Gurudwara and the aunties play dholak very nicely... but one and the same tune of dholaki for all shabads now I can't tell them to change the tune according to my shabad. So I thought to learn dholaki and after Googling for many hours I found some good dholak tutorials for beginners.

Monsoon has started here in Mumbai and it's rainning.. I can feel the cool and moist breeze coming from the window and the droplets scattered near the laptop table wow!! it's just awesome....and I have to move to the next room with my lappy....no issues in it , will write later closing lappy. After closing lappy I started listening some songs by Arijit singh and really I tell you I was mesmerized....I wanna go out and get drenched in the rains but not possible coz the terrace is locked  :( in our building. Koi gal nai.. some another day!!!
Many more things to write but post will be too long... Will write some another day ;)

This posts looks like monologue naa... so what are you waiting for ???? You can make it dialogue :) by writting your thoughts, views... I am eager to hear from you as well, as communication leads to great bonding...
Hope this time I'll get good response in the comment section of this post.

Happy Blogging!!

Gurmeet :)

A line kurti sewing tutorial.

Dear Friends,
How's the life moving ? Hope moving happily..... Here  the schools are re-opened after a loooo....ng summer vacation. New books, new friends, new class ....everything very fresh hai naa.... So, back in our world of sewing. Today we will learn about ;A line kurti / kameez. Usually this type of kurti goes well with chudidar, jeans. A line kurti has closed side openings. The flare is also more.

Fabric needed -- 2 -- 2.5 mtrs


A line kurti /kameez sewing tutorial

The pattern will be same as simple kurti, but there will be some changes they are:
10-11= 5" or as needed,  I mean you can take more or less.
11-12= 3".
10-12= make a curve.
It's easy :)
Keep ready your paper pattern.

Same as kurti. Place the pattern in same way as explained in simple kurti tutorial.
1-10 on folded side. Cut the A line kurti/kameez from 1-2-10-11-12-3.
First make the necklines. Attach the sleeves. Now here the sides are closed so sew from the sleeves till the flare. Lastly fold the flare i.e from  2-12 the whole circumference. And your A line kurti/kameez is ready ..... iron it and wear it. And what's your mirror  telling ;) looking gorgeous, pretty ..... and many more adjectives....

Happy Blogging!!

Gurmeet :)

Neckline with patch tutorial

Hello my dear friends....

How are you ? Hope in pink health.

So you all were missing me naa... you must be thinking when will I come back and post new tutorials. But we all know we have to live our life whatever happens in life. So taking inspiration from phoenix.....
I am back after hiatus of months with all new posts.

Today we will learn a new pattern of dress. You can sew this pattern for kurti, kameez as you wish. I don't have step by step snap. But I will explain the sewing part so don't worry.
The finished top. The kurta fabric was plain and salwar fabric was printed. By attaching the printed fabric we got a new pattern :)

neckline tutorial
The ready top.
 The back of the top.

back neckline

 Close view of the front neckline.

front neckline

Sewing :
Front :
1) First sew the neckline of your top. Here it is plain fabric. I have attached red bias strip on front neckline.
2) Now take your another fabric here it is printed fabric. Here the length of the patch is 12" you can take as you wish.
Some times when I am making some new patterns there are many disturbances like  door bell rings, or some whatsapp beep( whatsapp is helpful in many ways naa.. ;) , call on cell phone..... and it irritates a lot. Oh... let's come to the main stream...
Fold the printed  fabric, cut the neckline 2" more  than plain fabric ( this can vary ,according to your choice ) and cut the desired shape.
3) Make neckline of printed fabric. Attach printed fabric on plain fabric. You can pin up also.
4) Sew the border, where the patch ends.
Voila !! our front part ready.

Back :
1) Cut the desired neckline from plain fabric.
2) Take the printed fabric. Here also the length of patch will be 12".
3) Keep the plain fabric on printed fabric and cut the neckline of printed fabric.
4) Step 3 is done to ensure that both the neckline are of same shape and size.
5) Attach the printed fabric on plain fabric , pin up on all the sides and then make the neckline of back.
6) Sew the border, where the patch ends.
Hey !!! our back is also ready.

Now sew front back,attach sleeves,fold the slits and our dress is ready....
It's simple naa...;)
Meet you soon with some new ventures...Bye !! for now. Take care..

Happy Blogging!!

Gurmeet :)


It gives me enormous grief and sorrow to announce the sudden death of my father. He went on his journey to heaven on March 9 in morning 5 a.m.
He was recuperating at home and a week before he caught cough and cold. Medicines were given but he was not responding the treatment. We were helpless.....
He was a great fighter, leader, zealous  and more qualities...He always kept himself busy with one or the other thing .
My Mom, brothers , sister and me are totally broken . No one can feel the gap of  papa....
No more strength to write more .....
We lost our PAPA while battling the war with life. 
Wahegurji give peace to the divine soul.

Stitching collar neckline

Dear Friends....

First of all my heart felt apologies for not posting ( such a long time) to all readers,sewists,subscribers of MTC ( My Thread Creations ). But you all aware about the reason for delay.Thanks for you support.
But the show must go on.......
So, let's start with our lessons. Today's post is about collar dress / mandarin collar. It was in the pipeline for quite long but had time crunch to write. Also I am busy with the science projects of my son, so more or less I am with him. In this post there are no snaps of  sewing  or cutting, will post when I'll sew .


Front :

The front will be drawn as usual. Cut the neckline b-c-d as shown till the red line.
a-b = scale/6
a-c =  5"
c-d = 1" or according to the need.


The back will have 1" more from shoulder side you can see the red lined part of the diagram.
1-2 and 3-4 = 1"
2-b = 1/2" (half inch)
2-a = scale/6
Cut the neckline of back i.e 1-b-a-3-4

Collar drafting and sewing:

1-2 is  folded side.
1-2  and 3-4 = 1" this can be more also, as required
1-5 =2"
2-4 = half of neck round.(I prefer neck round of 14" or as per your requirement. )
Make a curve as shown and cut along the line 2-1-5-4

collar cutting
Collar Draft

Draw the collar draft. Cut the collar on fusing canvas. Iron the canvas collar on fabric and leave seam allowance of half inches on all four sides of fabric and cut it.Cut one more piece of fabric same way. Now you have with you 2 pieces of fabric one ironed with collar and another without collar i.e single fabric. Keep right side of both the fabric together , pin it up. Sew along the sides of canvas collar  i.e 1-5-3-4 but don't sew on the collar.Don't sew on sides 2-4 as this part will attached to the collar. Turn the collar inside out and iron once again. Keep aside.

Sewing and attaching the collar :
Make neckline of front part i.e b-c-d. You can see that c-d is opened cut. Sew this cut with clean finishing. Attach a rectangle strip of fabric from c-d on any one side of it. This strip will be used for fixing the tich button or hooks.
Now sew both the shoulder parts together  i.e front and back. First we'll check the collar, so pin  from the single one fabric side of 2-4 part of collar on kurta and see if it fits properly. In case if your collar fabric is more don't worry ( outside in the collar and sew once again from the part where the collar fabric was more ) but if it is less you will have re-draft your collar , and cut as per required neck round. Sew the collar to the kurta, now after attaching from one side of collar you will see that one side of  collar fabric remains unstitched  fold it on the kurta side and sew it. So now your collar is attached to the kurta.
Attach the sleeves and finish your kurta .
Your collar neck kurta is ready.

Happy Blogging!!

Gurmeet :)

Puff sleeves cutting

Dear Friends....

Hello, to all my dear and near ones. You might be thinking past many days why there are no tutorials ? Have I vanished in the air ??? Nope!!
The last three months of 2013 were really the worst chapters of our life. My father suffered from brain hemorrhage and he was hospitalized for three months, the life was totally up side down and I was shuttling between two cities, so I couldn't  post.
Now by the grace of God he is recuperating at home.

Today we will learn cutting of puff sleeves. This type of sleeves are of short length. Pleats are taken to create puff.

1) Take the paper draft of your sleeves.
2) Fold the fabric and keep the draft as shown in the pic.

3) The area a-b-c-d is the puff area, the pleats will be taken in this part, b-c is the fold of the fabric and a-b is 5". You can extend this part as needed, for more puff.
4) Cut the sleeves,and take pleats first and pin them up.
5) Now you can attach sleeves to your dress.

I will try to add some snaps of this sleeves in near future.

Happy Blogging!!

Gurmeet :)

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